Friday, March 29, 2013

Marathon Monday 2013, A Poem

In keeping with a storied annual a tradition that began with an inspiration born of the scorching heat that scalded New England last April, I've indulged my latent love for poetry and my regional proximity to the annual self flagellation that is the Boston Marathon, turning out humorous rhyme at the expense of that slightly more storied annual tradition.

Last year's inaugural verse was, if not my best, at least my second best effort. And so I give you the second installment.

Two Weeks Before Boston
(To the meter of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.)

Two weeks before Boston and all 'cross the nation
Runners were thinking of a race they'd be racin'
Their miles increasing, offering assurance
That legs would not fail for a lack of endurance
Kenyans were training in rarefied air
While the masses hit pavement less lofty than there
But each, from elite to those without numbering
Whether sprinting down Boylston or painfully lumbering
Dreamed dreams of being carried by a soft April breeze
Or of riding the Green Line like Rosie Ruiz


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