Friday, July 06, 2007

Call me Nostradamus

Just caught this story from The Hill in which Sen. Joseph Lieberman calls for more surveillance cameras.

Yeah, the dateline is July 1, my post on this topic was July 1, and today is July 6, but I hadn't seen the article or heard his comments prior to making this observation (which I actually made publicly on June 30 during the RIM Renaissance conference). Besides, it didn't take Nostradamus or much imagination to make such a prediction.

I will point you to this quote from Mr. Lieberman, though:

“I think it’s just common sense to do that here much more widely. And of course, we can do it without compromising anybody’s real privacy.”

What exactly does "real privacy" mean? What does Lieberman think it means, and is that the same as what you or I think it means? And, ominously, do we want Congress to determine what it means under conditions of high anxiety over a possible terror threat? Debate still rages over the long-term implications of the Patriot Act. Let's not feel pressured to jump to a decision on surveillance and DNA only to suffer under the same burden of regret.



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