Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Privacy v. Security

One thing was clear during last week's RFID Security Alliance INTERPHEX panel discussion: there are still many for whom privacy and security are interchangeable terms.

Granted, there is an area of critical overlap, but security and privacy are not the same things.

Others have explored this topic in detail, so I won't rehash the issue much, but in the context of our topic, protecting an individual's privacy -- access to and use/mis-use of their personal health information -- isn't the same as preventing someone from detecting whether they might have a product that is tagged with an RFID chip.

It's a highly nuanced topic and sometimes the best approach is to leave the nuance out of it and simply answer the question. I think we did that pretty well.

If you want to read more about Privacy v. Security, check out these folks:

Julian Sanchez
Bruce Schneier
Jennifer Granick

Drop me a line if there are other worthwhile explorations of this rich topic you think I should include.


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