Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Question

Twenty folks showed up for my presentation at yesterday's SecureWorld Boston expo. I was among those in the 2:30 slot -- last one of the show -- which meant many folks had bolted once the expo floor closed (at 2:30), so I was happy to see that many people stick around to hear me.

The talk lasted about 40 minutes and the post-presentation Q&A took another 15 or so. One question (roughly paraphrased) stands out in my memory.

"If the problem of insider data loss is so prevalent and so well known, why aren't more companies doing something about it?"

Good question. Wish I knew the answer.

I've got a few ideas, most of which are related to a sense that companies are hoping that "it can't happen here," but I also think it's more complicated than that. I'll explore some other possibilities in future posts.

Feel free to share your own ideas here via comments.



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