Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Baa-aack!

After a couple years of focusing my blogging efforts on providing content for the Ponemon Institute, I’ve decided to revive Private Communications.

For five years I worked as an independent contractor/consultant in the area of privacy and communications. And while I gave up the glamorous life of self employment this past March in order to take up a new (and decidedly less public) challenge at EMC, it doesn’t mean that I’m out of the privacy game. To the contrary, EMC’s focus on cloud computing and big data means there will be plenty of opportunities to put my wealth of knowledge and experience to use. Issues like trust, and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) are all issues that intersect where EMC is and is headed.

I will speak for myself in this forum and not for my employer. I have no role in policy here, nor do I have any authority make statements on behalf of EMC. I may be inspired by some of the things we’re doing, but don’t flatter me by thinking I have any special insight specific to EMC. I don’t.

If you decide to make any investment decisions based on anything I write here, you are a fool.

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